Favorite Trainer Workout

So far, the weather in New England (I’m in CT now) has been quite poor as of late. As such, I’ve been riding a lot on the trainer. During the first phase of my training, I was just working on my base fitness, riding zones 1 and 2. I found I could get 45 minutes to an hour on the trainer without losing my mind by breaking it up into 15-minute segments. I’d go for 15 minutes, then get off, stretch a little, then get back on for another 15.

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Saddle Height Methods

Lately I’ve been looking online at bike positioning stuff. A couple of things have struck me. The first thing is that saddle height seems to be trending down with some “physio experts” displaying saddle heights that are far too low. There seems to be up and down trends in cycling with regards to saddle height. When I first started racing in the early 1990’s saddle height was trending up, which had actually started in the late 80’s. By the late 90’s saddle heights were fairly high. Since Froome, they’ve been trending down. Why?

If you’re a TLDR type, here are the video highlights before the read more part (I typed like 2000 words) 😕

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